The Return to Training

Going back.

Training starts tomorrow.  The big decisions have been made and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the group and back into the training lifestyle.  The lifestyle is difficult in so many ways while being very simple at the same time.  Eating, sleeping, training, recovery, and treatment are all planned out and woven into a system that will hopefully lead to the best possible results.  Much of this is up to me to organize and stick to, but I’ve always had to take care of the details. This will be crucial over the next 19 months to ensure that I am able to manage injuries and get in all of the necessary training.

I’m eager to get out on Elk Lake and test out my body.  I think it will be a painful re-acclimation process but hopefully one that will only take a few months.  I’m going in with a decent level of general fitness, but it will take a while for my hands and back to adjust to the rowing training.  My goal is to gradually work my way back to the front of the pack so that when boats are selected later this spring I am chosen for the top boat, whatever that ends up being.  That is the goal and, barring any major setbacks, I think it is possible.

People use the word sacrifice a lot when they speak about training and everything that athletes forego in order to commit to this lifestyle but I’ve never seen it that way.  It is a choice and a choice that I am grateful to be able to make.  I’m excited about returning to the group in Victoria and adding my fire and experience.  There is a unique sense of purpose in a group like that and a feeling that we are working towards something extraordinary.  I find it very motivating.

I have been working for RBC for the past year and half and most recently for RBC Dominion Securities.  They have been incredibly supportive of my decision and have encouraged me to continue to expand my knowledge and to build my business as an Investment Advisor on a limited basis while I am training and then come back to it full time when I’m finished with rowing.  Having that plan in place for after London is huge and I can’t thank them enough.  

So here we go; the London Olympic adventure begins!

It is easy to see that our best days are ones where our passion chases excellence.
— Joe Ghory
Tannis Peterson